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Organic SMM for Real Estate Company, a Case Study


One-Stop Property Shop


Social Media Management


13.12 - 06.08.2023


10 Website Leads

3 Social Media Inquires

21k+ Reach

0 Paid Traffic


The company started in March 2023 in Nova Scotia, Canada. It serves people and businesses in Halifax Regional Municipality: people already living there, people moving in, and people investing in local properties. It set out to provide design, renovation, staging, real estate photography, and property management services, and help with selling, buying, renting, and leasing homes.

The company hired us to manage their social media and build personal brands for the two founders. One of the founders already had a YouTube and Instagram following, mostly among Russian and Ukrainian speakers.

Our Approach

We began by creating a digital marketing strategy for the company and its founders.

First, we switched all channels to English to better connect with locals instead of foreign followers just interested in the owners' personal life.

We grouped communication channels into three categories:

1. Personal channels (YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram) for the first founder, a real estate agent who targets people looking for properties in Nova Scotia. They cover topics like neighborhoods, property buying, tenant and landlord rights, and property listings.

2. Personal channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) for the second founder and CEO who focuses on sharing company news and connecting with locals who want to build homes and potential partners.

3. Company Channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok) to engage a broad audience with service offering details.

With this approach, the company captures different audiences: realtors follow the first founder, those interested in construction follow the CEO, and those who need services like staging or drone footage follow company pages.

We also emphasized collaboration with local communities. Halifax Regional Municipality has just 430K people. Gaining their trust was as important as grabbing their attention.


The project ran from June 6 to August 6, 2023.

We developed a content calendar with themes and content for each account group based on the target audiences' goals.

The first founder shared property listings and insights for residents and people thinking about moving to the province. Examples:

- Hot spots for real estate in Halifax

- My favorite places to visit in Nova Scotia with kids

- Understanding tenant rights in Nova Scotia

The CEO posted company updates and offers, as well as his views on business. Examples:

- About the wildfire

- About manufactured homes

The firm's pages published company updates and details of its primary service offerings. Examples:

- Update on office opening

- Sneak peek into a design project

- Highlighting a key service offering

Based on the content calendar, we wrote YouTube scripts (and designed Instagram grids for all profiles).

After two weeks of consistent posting, we started engaging the target audience through online local communities. We compiled a list of over 100 Nova Scotia Facebook groups that we categorized into classifieds, real estate professionals, people considering moving to NS, and Russian/Ukrainian-speaking groups.

We then drafted our messages based on the AIDA copywriting framework.


Over two months, the CEO's profiles reached over 10,000 people on Facebook.

We got three direct messages requesting cost calculations for manufactured homes.

The first founder's Facebook and Instagram pages reached over 9,000 people total.

Additionally, her YouTube content attracted 500+ unique viewers.

We received 10 leads through the website, including a home sale lead and inquiries for photography and videography from realtors.

The company's Facebook and Instagram pages reached over 1,500 people total.

Over half of our website visitors came from organic social traffic in the first month. Paid advertising was not used.


These numbers show that social media marketing is effective without paid ads. You need a good strategy and a methodical execution. If you’d like similar results, complete the form to book a free consultation.


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